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The city center of Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, in 1958. [Photo provided to China Daily]

More than 277,000 people involved in greening project that started six years ago

An oilfield in the Gobi Desert hardly conjures up visions of an ideal living environment, but the city of Karamay has created a pleasant life for its more than 400,000 residents.

Karamay, in Northwest China"s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, is known for its oil and gas rigs, and its name means "black oil" in the Uygur language. Yet this man-made oasis also has some breathtaking scenery and unexpected pleasures.

The sun rises and sets later than in most of the country. Every evening, residents gather at Karamay Lake to watch a water fountain performance and enjoy the cool breeze that rustles through the trees.

There are some surprising twists that make this remote destination ideal for people seeking something out of the ordinary. They include the city fountain, with its pivoting nozzles that shoot water high into the air in an array of patterns, accompanied by lights and music; the mesmerizing sight of hundreds of pump jacks bringing crude oil to the surface; and the windcarved rock and sand sculptures called yardang.