World-class heart rehab services to be introduced tomagic band review China

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Beijing Ruihua Heart Rehabilitation Center has recently signed cooperation memo with the cardiac rehabilitation department of Mayo Clinic, one of the top hospitals in the US to set up a heart rehabilitation and health management platform in the country.

The coming platform is expected to enhance the country"s overall capacity in heart health management and rehab, according to Zhang Lan, head of Ruihua.

Currently, China has nearly 300 million people suffering cardiovascular diseases and the patient size is still growing, medical experts said.

Previous evidence showed proper and sufficient heart rehab can decrease heart disease deaths by 7 to 38 percent.

"It"s urgent for China to have such a platform for efficient heart health management and rehab services," Zhang said.

According to her, the center would closely work with the partner Mayo Clinic to bring best practices in the field to China, benefiting the huge number of patients here.

To achieve that, a network comprising the center, the public hospitals, and grassroots healthcare facilities, and related private practitioners will be convened together to introduce high quality heart rehab care and services to the Chinese people in need.

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